You came and went as you pleased,
you didn’t think of how you’d hurt me.
You’d come back and apologize,
I was stupid enough to believe your lies.
I forgave you and let you back in,
but you took advantage of my forgiving nature,
into your trap you pulled me in.
Now I am forever changed,
it’s all because of you,
I trusted you with my heart,
but in the wind it blew.
You left me once again to always wonder why,
you never gave me an explanation,
your sincerity was all a lie.
You left me all alone, broken and afraid,
Now I’m forever condemned to hide myself away.
I have so many things, I want to say to you
Some nice, others mean, but at least I’d be true.
You left me here to cry alone at night,
I feel so worthless, it’s just not right.
You make me feel so many things,
hurt, anger, pain,
I feel so unlovable will I ever be whole again?
As it turns from light to dark
But me, I can’t go to sleep
I’m wide-awake weeping
Just the thought of when I lost you
Makes me oh so sad
I remember it like it was yesterday
I felt so horribly bad
Everything was fine
Well that was what I thought
I loved being around you
And all the happiness you brought
The connection between us was so easy to see
We were so close
It was like we could count as one
But then we split up
It was over we were done
Now I wish you would take me back
I guess what I want doesn’t matter anymore
To you it’s like whatever
It’s also so hard for me
To see you walking down the street
I start remembering so many memories
They’re so hard to defeat
Its like they come back to haunt me
Every once in a while
Every little thing about you
Even your beautiful smile
The thought makes me sad
It all makes me melt inside
These are the feelings that I feel for you
The ones I’ve been trying to hide
But I can no longer do it
It’s killing me so fast
I thought we had it good
But I guess it couldn’t last
I don’t know what went wrong
Maybe it was too good to be true
Not knowing makes me go insane
I don’t know what to do
It makes me burn up inside
I can’t fight it anymore
I try to build a wall
But it always finds a door
I can’t quite find the reason why
You left me anyway
I treated you so well
I was so sure you would stay
Now I can’t get you out of my head
Now I walk by myself
You left me all alone.

You were the reason behind all these.

It has been a month you are not here, we didn’t talk. I will never forget the way you called me and told me to do this. You can and trust my instincts. I will stay beside you even in the worst situation even at your death’ bed. I couldn’t meet you during your last days. We were in two different cities for the last 6 months but we were connected by phone calls. Now, I don’t have proper sleep at night. I’m still waiting for the phone call which you told me to do last night. With whom will I share my last bite of ice cream. It was you who bought me my prized zest of ice cream bars.You became the reason for which I started painting and writing again. You appreciated and figured out my small mistakes. I Just wanna ask you —



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